Driver Competency Assessment

  • McGinnis Driver Safety Centers offers a Driver Competency Assessment (DCA) which will measure your potential risk level as a driver.


    Unlike other road tests, the Driver Competency Assessment qualifies your results with an objective score that is compared to that of an average driver's abilities. This competency assessment is the highest, latest technological advancement in driver safety throughout the United States.

    This 1 hour, on-road, in-vehicle driving assessment given by a certified assessor, will show you, an employer or physician your strengths and weaknesses as a driver. This on-road driving assessment qualifies the results with a score that compares your driving abilities to those of an average driver in low and high complexity environments.

    Following verbal and written directions, you will be put in situations that require multitasking and simulate daydreaming. This driving assessment will help uncover areas of potential risk for future improvement.

    Several companies and governmental agencies currently use this on-road driving assessment for pre-hire and crash investigation purposes. Help create and sustain a positive, low risk work environment by being proactive within your organization.

    If you have been in a collision, the Driving Competency Assessment will help determine what driving issues are directly related to the cause. If you are simply curious as to how you or a teen's driving is progressing, the Driver Competency Assessment will provide a baseline score, showing potential risk areas. This baseline can be used in the future for comparisons.

    Often times the medical community may want an individual to undergo an evaluation to determine whether or not it is safe for them to drive. Medical issues of all types may end up having an effect on driving. The fact that this on-road driving assessment is research-based and is performed on a standardized route eliminates any subjective opinions of the assessor and provides quantifiable results.

    It's never an easy question to ask yourself or a loved one, but it is important. The Driver Competency Assessment for mature drivers will give you and your loved ones a full driver profile showing potential risk areas of the elderly driver and to what degree are those risk levels. The information you need to make an educated decision on whether or not you or a loved one can continue to drive safely will be provided by the assessment.

    This on-road driving assessment is a great tool for anyone who might be having issues with their driving. The driver's assessment will show exactly what happens with your driving when you are put in situations that create distractions and complex environments. By identifying these things that put you at risk, you can work on becoming a better driver.

    Taking the Driver Competency Assessment (DCA) may lower your company's vehicle fleet insurance. Adults and teen's personal auto insurance may also become eligible for lower premium rates. Check with your insurance company. Please contact our office for more information on scheduling your on-road driving assessment. You can also purchase this service today.

    Important Notice
    All vehicles and facilities are equipped with audio/video recording devices.

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