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About Us

Serving New Mexico Since 1964

McGinnis Driver Safety Centers™ has been serving the needs of New Mexico since 1964. Wyett McGinnis opened our first location in 1964. David W. McGinnis has been working and teaching in the family business for 50 years and took over ownership and operations in 1993. Over the years, McGinnis Driver Safety Centers has trained over 320,000 students.

In 2023 McGinnis Driver Safety Centers™ welcomed Joleta Spears, into the family business and on November 1, 2023 Ms. Spears, J and J's Discovery Enterprises, LLC, took over ownership and operations.

After working side by side with David McGinnis in classroom, in-car lessons and operations Joleta carries on the expertise of the McGinnis family both in curriculum and tradition. Ms. Spears also brings years of business operations and managerial experience to McGinnis Driver Safety Centers™.

The expertise of McGinnis Driver Safety Centers™, after 60 years of service in New Mexico and throughout the United States, is what separates our driving schools from all of the other driving schools here in our Land of Enchantment.

Students who have attended McGinnis Driver Safety Centers™ agree, they have received a great driver education experience and an outstanding education. "Ask anyone…They'll tell you!"

McGinnis Driver Safety Centers™ continues to be the standard by which other driving schools are measured. History speaks volumes. Other driving schools have come and gone and will continue to come and go. McGinnis Driver Safety Centers™ proudly boasts that we are, "The Oldest, Largest and Finest!" The combination of the McGinnis family and our instructors bring you over 100 years of combined experience in driver's education and service to the community.

Many of our instructors have been with us for more than 10 years and all of our instructors are also teachers and coaches at local public and private schools.

McGinnis Driver Safety Centers™ takes the anxiety out of Driver's education. All of our teachers are certified through McGinnis Driver Safety Centers™ and trained thoroughly in all aspects of driver's education and certified through NMDOT. Our training program and our professionalism has been our mainstay, and our reputation is recognized throughout the United States.

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